Finally, the answers to FAQ’s on Peter Wildman:
* Peterborough, New Zealand, Toronto and Mississauga.
* I came to Toronto with a passion for doing deliveries for Suede Master, but had to abandon that dream and fall back on comedy.
* Second City Workshops and doing extra work on SCTV
* Scarring on my right index finger from a chain saw accident
* Place your hands at 10 and two o’clock, checking mirrors every 5 to 10 seconds.
* The Holiday Inn circuit
* Guitar, harmonia and piano.
* Joan
* 102.1 the edge.
* The New Red Green Show, Buck Staghorn’s Animal Bites, Sci-Squad, Tool Box Challenge
* Dust the beef cubes with flour before browning.
* Ralph Ellis and my real estate agent both drive Lincolns.
* Last time I saw him he had the nerve to ask for another 20 dollars.
* Doing commentaries as “The 905 guy” for CBC radio.
* Writing for TV, writing and voicing commercials
* Advertising.
* Enter the room really loud, talk fast, don’t let anyone interupt and leave quickly before they ask questions.
* It’s great to be back together again. Dan still makes that squeaking noise with his fingers, Rick still refers to himself in the third person, and good old dependable Paul is once more sitting in his car, parked outside my house drinking coffee and staring at my shrubs. It’s like we were never apart.