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Mr. Canoehead

Without a doubt, The Frantics most famous creation is Mr. Canoehead, Canada's aluminum-headed crimefighter. A story so incredible only Mormons would believe it. Revealed here for the first time anywhere is the real origin of Mr. Canoehead.

One day Dan brought in a sketch called, "Leave it to Beaver Meets Mr. Canoehead." On many occasions we would write intensely stupid sketches just to crack each other up. Needless to say the sketch was pretty horrible but the Mr. Canoehead idea stuck and we started working around the idea of an aluminum-headed crime fighter. The rest is history.

Some of Mr. Canoehead's greatest foes were, the Kung Foo Nun, the Mole King and our favourite, the Evil Ultramind who had a Tandy, Radio Shack computer for a head.

We would like to apologize for not having a more exciting origin story, but this is Canada where accounting irregularities is big news.

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