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Frantic Times

As we were toiling in the Holiday Inn curcuit there were rumblings at the CBC that the ageless Air Farce radio show might be moving to television. Panic ensued and CBC Radio grabbed the first thing that was standing by their security entrance and luckily, it were us.

We did a pilot around late 1980 and Frantic Times was launched, produced by David Milligan. Here are some sample bits from that series. When we finally finish off the huge Frantic Times compendium CDs we'll have more to tell.

Click on the links below to listen to some Frantic Times madness.

Teddy the Kielbasa
Army Careers
Gallop Poll
Unedited Shakespeare
Chemistry of Love
Grasshopper People from France

This one below is from an old tape. Don't know the uploader, but if you're a real fan you'll watch it.

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