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The Frantics Reunion DVD

The Frantics Reunion DVD

This is the first time we’ve done this and we’re very pleased with what we have put together.

Anyone familiar with our work, or has seen our live show will not be disappointed.
We’ve included….

  • The Frantic’s Reunion Special originally seen on the comedy network. This show featured the return of Mr Canoehead, Mr Interesting, some favourite songs and our usual/unusual batch of sketches.
  • The Frantics 30th Anniversary Show. A live performance captured at the Royal Theatre in Toronto. Included are fan favourites “Piece of Pie”, “Bala”, “Star Trek”, “My Lovely Lovely Body” and of course the sketch the whole world is talking about “Her First Period”.
  • The Bad Dog Sessions. What can only be called rare footage of the Frantics working up new material at the Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto.

Order now and you can watch it a few times before giving it to someone for Christmas, or, here’s an idea, buy a whole batch and give it to everyone on your list. Who doesn’t like the Frantics? Okay, some people don’t get us, but you do, and for that we tip our hat to you.



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